Who is The Happy Dancer?

Who is The Happy Dancer?

Welcome to The Happy Dancer, I’m glad you found your way here! Time to meet the girl behind the wig:

Open Champ, heading to North American Nationals 2015, Providence, Rhode Island, USA!

I am a Canadian and passionate Irish dancer above all else. I danced competitively for 16 years, making it all the way to Open Champ, and in 2015 reached my ultimate goal of attending North American Nationals. After achieving that dream, I ‘changed shoes’ in 2016 and focused on getting my TCRG certification. Even though I’m a teacher now, you’ll still find me at the studio a few times a week practicing – I just can’t stop dancing! 🙂 

Throughout the years I’ve always thought that Irish dancers need a resource to share information and come together as a community. I see so many new dancers and their parents looking lost and confused about how to find their way in this crazy world of high-level athletes, sparkly dresses, and wigs! This website has come from all those years and conversations with dancers about what is really missing.

Sightseeing in Chicago
Post-TCRG exam, sightseeing in Chicago! August 2016

One of my other passions besides dance is traveling. I’m always researching a new destination or things to do around the world, and I want to connect those two passions here. When we travel to a feis, there are often so many other things available to see that week/weekend in the new city that we miss! To help you get the most out of each visit, I’m excited to be able to bring you the feis travel section of this website where you can find an itinerary of what is going on in the city you’re feising! Check it out here.

When I’m not dancing at the studio or a show (which is not often!) you can find me spending time with my friends or cats. I love being outside on a patio in the summer, or curled up inside with a good book in the winter.

I am always looking for tips on where you’re feising! If you have a topic or feis location you’d like me to cover, tell me here.

If you are an Irish dance brand or travel company looking to advertise, contact me here, I’m interested in working together!

~The Happy Dancer

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