So you want to be an Irish dance teacher or judge…


You have to really love teaching dance to go through an exam like the TCRG/TMRF…but it is SO worth it, trust me 🙂 (Picture from Pinterest)

In the Irish dance world, if you want a dance school that allows for your dancers to compete, you have to be a certified teacher (TCRG). Another option is the TMRF- a registered ceili dance teacher that focuses on group dancing and can send teams to competition. And finally, after a minimum of five years, you can apply for another certification to be an adjudicator (ADCRG).

These exams are multi-day, very intense exams, for which candidates often have to prepare for at least a year! I have not taken the ADCRG exam yet, but I have studied for (and passed!) the TCRG exam. Hopefully the information you’ll find here can help you tackle these daunting exams.

**Please note:

The information here is based on the exams with CLRG. Other commissions may use similar information, but if you are with another dancing commission (WIDA, CRDM, RTN, etc.) it’s best to check the exam syllabus in case there are different requirements.

Where to start on your TCRG exam.

^^ Start here! Whether you’ve already been accepted into an exam or not, this will give you all the tips and tricks on where to begin with this overwhelming process!

Section 1: the written exam. 

With 30 ceilis to learn and be able to write about, the book can seem really overwhelming! This article will give you all the top tips and tricks to study for the written section of the exam.

Section 2: the music section

It may feel as though you’ve been listening to Irish set and ceili music since you were a beginner, but this exam section is a bit more complicated when you have to pick out all the nuances in the tunes.

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