Top holiday gifts for Irish dancers

Top holiday gifts for Irish dancers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Oireachtas are (for almost everyone) past, it’s now time to celebrate successes and enjoy the holidays with family and friends. Growing up as both an Irish dancer and someone whose name is spelled quite specifically, it was rare to find personalized or dance-related holiday gifts. Shout out to all those Irish dancers who got Highland dance themed gifts from well-intentioned family members (“it’s almost like Irish dance, right?”)!

Thankfully, the times are a-changin’ and there are now plenty of businesses popping up offering great new products for Irish dancers and their families. Naturally I’m SO happy to see all these products coming out. It’s so much fun to see just how creative people have become with their love of Irish dance!

I did some shopping around for you so that you don’t have to do all the legwork. Read on for the Happy Dancer’s roundup of Irish dance themed holiday gifts (and discounts!) this season:

Top holiday gifts for Irish dancers

1) Rince Couture

Everyone is always looking for a new style with their wigs at a feis – Rince Couture (also on Facebook) is a great answer to that! Their handmade celtic knot accessories are super cute and creative, and they even have necklaces and other jewelry to show off your Irish dance style off-stage!

Rince Couture
Rince Couture offers creative new styles for your on and off stage looks!

In their words, “The company offers several different styles of headbands and hair clips, as well as number clips and shoe buckles to allow you or the dance school to completely customize a look without breaking the bank. Many dance schools have had Rince Couture create a hairpiece unique to their team; often tying into the traditional knot motifs from their dance school’s class costume.”

**Use the code “HAPPYDANCER” until December 23 to get 15% off your order at Rince Couture!

2) Feis Buddies 

Who doesn’t love a good customized coffee mug?! As a TCRG, I can attest to the fact that coffee is a necessity to get through the day- feis moms and dads would agree, I’m sure! Feis Buddies (also on Facebook) is full of customizable products even if you aren’t a coffee drinker.

Feis Buddies
Feis Buddies has customizable, creative gifts for anyone!

In the words of the founder, “Feis Buddies started when I made a sock monkey for an Oireachtas fundraiser. I started selling more, and was even featured in the Irish Dance Magazine! Soon I created an Etsy shop to make more fun products. Now I sell worldwide, and love making new products for the Irish Dance world. I constantly am adding new and different products to my shop!”

**Use the code “HappyDancerXmas” to receive a discount on your order at Feis Buddies!

3) Hang In There Creations

These days everyone has their own ornament on the Christmas tree! In my family we each have bears with our names on them, dad has his favourite Spiderman, and after years of searching I finally have an Irish dancer ornament. If Hang In There Creations (also on Facebook) had existed all those years ago, I would have loved to have a creation styled after my first solo dress! If that’s not your style, there’s plenty of other customizable products for you to find too.

Hang In There Creations
Hang In There Creations has lots of different customizable options for the Irish dancer in your life.

In their words, “Our first products were medal holders and hand painted ornaments to match solo and school dresses, and vests. Now we also have ornaments, earrings, keychains, zipper pulls, water bottles, bags, and shirts with school logos and many other designs.We do large orders for schools or teams, offering bulk discounts. Feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas and needs. We’re always open to new ideas and creations to preserve your cherished memories. If we don’t make it yet, it doesn’t mean we can’t. We just haven’t thought of it yet!”

**Use the code “CRAICINTO18” until December 31 to receive 10% off your order at Hang In There Creations!

4) GhillieQuick 

Do you have a young dancer to buy a gift for? Or maybe you -like me- would just LOVE a way to stop fiddling with your laces during sidestage shoe changes? GhillieQuick (also on Facebook) has such an interesting product. These elastic laces are designed to keep your shoes on nice and tight, while also being an easy-on and -off system. Perfect for younger dancers, or even older dancers who are tired of dealing with extra long softshoe laces after all these years!

Ghillie Quick’s new design for softshoe laces makes shoe changes much easier!

**Use the code “THEHAPPYDANCER” until December 20 for 10% off your order and GhillieQuick!

5) What the Feis/Irish Dance T-shirts 

This company gets bonus points from me for being pun filled and also geeky. This is the one place where my love of Irish dance, Harry Potter, Broadway musicals, Doctor Who, and so many more (I could go on!) finally come together to make hilarious t-shirts and tank tops. My personal favourites? “Stranger Jigs”, and “Defying Gravity” – one of my favourite songs and very applicable to Irish dance!

What The Feis
These shirts are geeky and funny, designed for dancers and their families.

This company is also tied to a blog called What the Feis– started by a feis dad and full of sarcasm (in his words, the blog is “the sarcastically loving ramblings of an Irish dance dad”). Take a look at the shop, and check out his blog here.

**Orders are currently being filled for Christmas so I don’t have a discount code for you, but these products are worth it at full price!

Happy Holidays from the Happy Dancer! I hope enjoy everything this season has to offer 🙂 I’ll be on vacation over Christmas holidays; follow me on Instagram, or click here to read more about my travels!

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